Mission Statement

To preserve and protect the land and all its inhabitants. To establish a lifestyle dedicated to taking responsibility for my own existence and that of future generations. I will care for and restore the earth’s natural systems which are necessary for humans and all life. I will foster solidarity, cooperation, and meaningful human interactions. I will seek to promote these values and techniques through education, outreach, and by setting a good example in recognition of everyone’s mutual interest in a sustainable healthy planet, healthy lives, and a hopeful future.

Current Status

My vision for Maya Creek is to keep experimenting and learning how to live a low-impact life, and involving other people who want to share in the experience and learn along side me.

Once I have established a solid infrastructure with finished buildings and power, water, food, and heating systems that work well I would like expand the outreach aspect of Maya Creek and hopefully begin earning a modest income by renting rooms and campsites out for a bed & breakfast, holding in-depth workshops taught by myself as well as other knowledgeable people, and hosting retreats for meditation, group-building, etc.

I’ll have been building Maya Creek since April 2009. I think I have 2 more years of work(2017) before the basic infrastructure will be completed to the point I will feel comfortable opening the bed & breakfast side of Maya Creek for business.

The main project for this year will be finally getting the water system built and installed in the straw bale common house, which serves as the common kitchen, living room, power station, and will soon having a washing machine.

I would also like to apply the interior finish coats of earthen plaster and earthen floor to the common house, which will greatly improve the aesthetics as well as keep the dust down. I also plan on putting in the kitchen counters, cabinets, and generally getting a nice kitchen installed.

Future projects will include a green house running along the south side of the common house, screening in the rear common house porch, finishing the root cellar, putting the wooden siding on the shed, and finishing the plaster on all of the other straw bale structures.