All workshops at Maya Creek are absolutely free.  We do take donations of any kind, but they are not expected.  I don’t expect to have too many people show up, but please either sign up on the facebook event page for the workshop you want to attend or contact me and let me know which ones you would like to come to.

The workshops are all scheduled for Saturdays, but weather may cause us to move things around.  We will let all registrants know if that is the case.  Also, these are all hands-on workshops so please bring gloves if you have them, if not we have extra pairs.

Schedule for 2014

100_5166Shiitake Mushroom Logs

May 10

We will be drilling and plugging white oak logs with shiitake mycelium.  There will be a talk describing the entire process and how to manage the logs after they have been innoculated.  Attendants will be expected to help, but will also be given a prepared log to take home with them.  I will have some drills to share, but please feel free to bring you own drill and a 5/16″ drill bit if you have one.

Anticipated length: 3 hours


Wild Edibles Foray

June 14

I’ll briefly discuss the benefits of wild edibles and I’ll describe and show pictures of edibles that will be in season. Then we’ll head into the woods and see how much of a meal we can find for ourselves!

Anticipated length: 3 hours

Earthen Plaster

July 12

I will describe the benefits and procedure to mix and apply an earthen plaster.  We will then mix and apply at least 2 different types of earthen plaster and apply them to some of the natural building projects.

Anticipated Length: 3 hours

Humanure (Composting Toilets)

 August 9

We will discuss the benefits of composting our own waste as well as how to do it safely.  There will be an in-depth tour examining our setup and process.  We will also construct a very basic composting toilet using the bucket method.

Anticipated length: 1.5 hours

earthen-floor-base-jesse-side-duplexEarthen Floors

September 13

We will describe the benefits of earthen floors and explain the process.  We will then apply samples of the different layers on different flooring projects going on at Maya Creek.

Anticipated Length: 3 hours

harvest-fest-winemaking-tao-jan-mixingFruit Wine Brewing

October 11

I will discuss fermentation in general, the different types of fermented goods and their benefits, the general process used to achieve them, and then move on to showing the exact process of how I make my delicious fruit wine concoctions. There will be handouts with an equipment list and detailed directions on how to brew your own!

Anticipated Length: 1.5 hours